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Emergency Operation Centers 2.0

Posted by Dakota Duncan on October 10, 2017

In my last article Equipping the Emergency Operations Center I discussed the importance of the EOC, some of the innovation that is currently taking place with the advancements in technology, social media, and UAV’s (Drones). Almost every county emergency management agency, State DHS/EMA, and nearly every Federal agency now have some type of Emergency Operations Center.

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Topics: EOC, IMT, Incident Command, IMAT, Joint Operations Center, Incident Management Team, Command & Control, Emergency managers

Communicating Without Communications

Posted by Dakota Duncan on October 3, 2017

A tricky predicament isn’t? Communicating without any communications is similar to the current situation in Puerto Rico right now, an area completely devastated and with little to no electricity or means of communicating to the United States mainland.

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Topics: Radio Communications, Mutual aid operations, Ham radios, Satellite communications, Emergency plans

Solving the Interoperability Headache: Cheshire County Case Study

Posted by Base Camp Connect on October 2, 2017

Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office, located in New-Hampshire, US., answers more than 47,000 calls annually. They serve a community of 75,000 people in an area that covers over 7,000 square miles divided into 23 towns.

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Topics: public safety communications, Incident Commander, Sheriff Office, Mutual aid operations, Mobile radios, Tactical Communications, Radio interoperability gateway, Mobile Command Trailer, Cross-agency interoperability, Communications trailer, Law enforcement communications

Emergency managers, Did you know that There are Exactly 59 Types of Communications Failures?

Posted by Tom Cox on September 25, 2017

In my last article, I told you that there are exactly 59 distinct types of communications failures divided into four categories.

  • Information failures
  • Mode failures
  • Human failures
  • Time failures

I already talked about information and mode failures so now, let's talk about human and time failures. 

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Topics: Fort McMurray wildfire, communications failures, time failures, human failures, radios

How Many Ways Does Communications Fail?

Posted by Tom Cox on September 18, 2017

Give me the exact number of distinct types of communications failure. Some people will tell you “One” (“it’s always people”) while others will say “there are millions of ways communications can fail.” No. Both are incorrect. There is an exact number. Most people will respond “hundreds” but what is the exact number?

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Topics: Communication Failures

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