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Posted by Base Camp Connect on March 7, 2017

Interoperability is a key aim of emergency services around the world but one of the main challenges is the use of different communications systems. Canadian mobile communications provider Base Camp Connect believes it has a solution that could make interoperability easier. Lotte Debell reports from Fire&Rescue Magazine (p.26).

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How Public Safety and Private Organizations can Communicate in an Emergency ?

Posted by Paul Calderwood on December 6, 2016

Today it seems like everywhere we go companies, schools and shopping malls all are using some sort of radio communication equipment for their own in-house use. During an emergency situation, this level of communication could prove invaluable to the public safety responders. If we’re able to know what they know prior to our arrival on scene, it could save us precious time. Let’s talk about an example of an active shooter at the mall; if we are able to hear the communications from the mall security command post, we would know the closest entrance to use to stop the shooter and where EMS should enter to find the victims.

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Radio communications are great ! until they fail ...

Posted by Timothy Riecker, CEDP on June 14, 2016

Push-to-talk.  A responder’s favorite button.  With it, responders can communicate tactics, convey safety messages, and request resources.  But what happens when you push that button and no one can hear you – or you can’t hear them? 

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