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Zero Trust: Your Best Protection Against Cyberattacks

Posted by David Daly on October 27, 2021

Zero Trust: Need to know 2.0

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Topics: cyber attack, cybersecurity

Cybersecurity: The Name of the Game In Technological Change

Posted by David Daly on September 29, 2021

Our world continues to become more connected electronically every day. Computers are present in nearly every aspect of our lives. Many of us take for granted how dependent we have become on the internet and the numerous devices we use to connect ourselves to the information superhighway.  

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Topics: cyber protection, communication security, cybersecurity

Private LTE for Natural and Human-made Disasters

Posted by David Daly on June 30, 2021

There are many challenges to overcome when responding to disasters. Whether the disaster is natural or human-made, all disasters share some common obstacles. If you have ever been involved in a disaster situation, either as a victim or as part of the recovery effort, you know communications are one such hurdle to overcome.

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Topics: Disaster response, emergency management, natural disaster, critical communications, LTE

The Benefits of 5G

Posted by Base Camp Connect on June 15, 2021

The next wave of innovation in the telecommunications space is already upon us. 5G networks are spreading across the world and with them the promise of a brighter future. As the 5th generation of wireless technology, 5G networks have the potential to revolutionize the world. Understanding what 5G is and the significant benefits of the technology will help illustrate why there is so much optimism for a world connected to this advancement.

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Topics: 5G

Expedition Planning

Posted by Base Camp Connect on June 2, 2021

Planning for an expedition to a remote area can be an organizational nightmare. Ensuring you have prepared for every possible contingency before leaving is incredibly stressful. Identifying the goals for your mission, making sure you have the proper equipment to complete the task, and knowing how to pull it all off logistically can be daunting.

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