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Zero Trust: Your Best Protection Against Cyberattacks

Cybersecurity: The Name of the Game In Technological Change

Private LTE for Natural and Human-made Disasters

The Benefits of 5G

Expedition Planning

Operating in the Polar Environment

Base Camp Connect's favorite articles of the week!

Situational Awareness in Communications

The Importance of Situational Awareness

Our BCC-Tactical is certified IP67 and MIL-STD-810H!

A Journal Entry from a Communications Specialist

Interoperability of communication systems must be tested proactively

Base Camp Connect in the Canadian Defence Review

Natural Disasters and Communication Challenges

The Importance of Skill & Equipment Redundancy

The Best Approach for Integrating New Communications Equipment

5 articles every military must read

5 things to test when trying Base Camp Connect

3 Ways To Find Out If Your Encryption Is Ready For Battle

Welcome Simon! The team is growing!

The 7 Practices of Highly Efficient Encryption

Why Poor Coalition Communications Loses Battles

PRESS RELEASE : Base Camp Connect partners with REDCOM Laboratories to supply the Canadian Department of National Defence with tactical communication systems

How Does LTE Wireless Communication Help in Tactical Communication?

Are Your MIlitary Communications Too Reliant On Satellites?

What to know about Quantum Cryptography : 3 simple ways to explore it

Do Your Tactical Communications Meet The Toughest Security Standards?

Overcoming Barriers To Coalition Communications

Five Reasons To Test Coalition Communication In Your Next Exercise

Simple Steps To Assess LTE For Tactical Communications

Getting Back Up

The Initial Call

Bridging the interoperability gap (part 2)

Bridging the interoperability gap (PART 1)


Mass Casualty Incidents: Where to Start?

[PODCAST] Espresso with an Emergency Manager

How to Prepare for a Job Interview in Emergency Management

[INFOGRAPHIC] What You Need to Know About Emergency Management Careers

Emergency Button Fail on New Radio System

Mobile Applications for Emergency Management

5 Books Every Emergency Manager Should Read

Troubles on the Front Lines with the P25 upgrade

Handling-over an Incident: The neglected component of Emergency Ops?

911 Call History: A potential driver of exercise planning

Communications Exercises: It should be a standalone activity

Mass Notification: How to Communicate with your Employees

Radio Interoperability Solutions: Where to Start?

BGAN Terminals: Which one to Choose?

Hackers and Homeland Security

Emergency Management: How to Communicate with Vulnerable Populations

Top 5 Most Popular Articles of 2017

5 Emergency Communication Challenges Emergency Responders Face

Incident Management Teams: Meeting the Communications Challenge

5 Signs you should Invest in Radio Interoperability

Communication Planning based on Past Disasters

7 Questions you've always dreamed of asking a State Emergency Manager

4 Articles about eoc and Ecc that Every Emergency Manager Should Read

On-Demand Webinar for Incident Management Teams

3 Emergency Managers you Should follow on LinkedIn (Part 2)

[New e-Book]: How to Make your Communications Better for Managing Emergency Incidents

Emergency Operation Centers 2.0

Communicating Without Communications

Solving the Interoperability Headache: Cheshire County Case Study

Did you know that There are 59 Types of Communications Failures?

How Many Ways Does Communications Fail?

Harvey & Irma: The Challenge to Evacuate and Communicate

Understanding Communications Failures: What's the Problem?

5 Questions to Better Equip your Emergency Operations Center

Public Safety: Here's Why You Should Encourage the Millennial Generation

Communication Interoperability: Lessons from Fort McMurray Wildfire

3 Emergency Managers you should follow on LinkedIn

What can we Learn from the Fort McMurray Wildfire Report

SECOND PART: Firefighter LODD and the Communications Issues Involved

Firefighter LODD and the Communications Issues Involved

6 Articles on Radios that Every Emergency Responder Must Read

What must be planned for events such as train derailments and aircraft crashes ?

15 Questions to Answer before the next Flood and/or Wildfire

3 Tips for Writing your Grant Narrative

Communications Equipment Grant Guide

Convention Shopping for Communications Equipment

One Year Blog Anniversary!

The Use and Misuse of ECC's and EOC's

4 Things Fire Departments Forget in Fire Apparatus Specifications

Police, Fire, and EMS Must Stop Fighting!

Connect, Command

Tips and Tools for Writing Fire Apparatus Purchasing Specifications

The Three Stages of a Radio's Life

How to Run a SuccesSful Radio Training

How an Advisory Board can help convince your governing body that you really need that piece of equipment

Emergency Management: The Whole Solution

3 Steps to Properly Use a Radio

12 Steps to Better Plan your Department's next Fire Apparatus

NEW EBOOK: 6 Steps to Choose the Best Mobile Command Vehicle

Earthquake Magnitude vs. Intensity: Communicating Risk and Consequence

How to Manage Radio Communications during Special Operations ?

Top 5 Most Popular Articles of 2016

Earthquake Disaster: Preparing for Old Risks in New Places

How Public Safety and Private Organizations can Communicate in an Emergency ?

When is the Best Time to Upgrade your Public Safety Communication Technologies?

5 Things that Fustrate an Emergency Manager

Earthquake Disaster: Preparing for the Really Big One

How to ensure Radio Communications within large Buildings ?

Lessons learned from Cascadia Rising

How to Communicate when you don't have the same language ? ''10-4''

Montreal Fire Department Case Study

What happens when the emergency takes out your ECC/EOC ?

Earthquake Disaster: Anticipating “The Big One”

Funding the Operational Communications Capability

Operational Interoperability - Leadership towards a New Paradigm

Marathon County Sheriff's Office Case Study

5 Things to plan to get prepared for school mass shooting

MEDIA & MONEY: New challenges faced by fire chiefs

Developing Communication Interoperability at a Key Level in the US

Top 3 articles for every firefighter

Interoperability’s Fiercest Foe – Silos and the Standard Operating Procedures that build them

why multi-agency communications are so complicated

Top 3 websites: everything you should know about natural disasters

3 ted talks every emergency manager should watch

''Mayday, mayday, mayday'' ...

Operational Interoperability - How do we achieve it ?

The Communications Unit – Facilitating Effective Incident Management

Operational Interoperability - An Emergency Management Must

Selecting, Outfitting, and Integrating Mobile Command Vehicles

Radio communications are great ! until they fail ...

How the red cross established a temporary call center in minutes (Fort McMurray Wildfires)

Communication preparedness: What need to be planned

10 Questions to be asked before buying a Mobile Command Post (Part 1)

10 Questions to be asked before buying a Mobile Command Post (Part 2)

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