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Mr. Schlotthauer currently serves as the Emergency Manager for Vectrus Systems Corporation on the Kuwait-Base Operations and Security Support Service, Department of Defense contract in the State of Kuwait. In this role he serves as the Emergency Management Adviser to the Area Support Group – Kuwait Director of Emergency Services and Emergency Management Coordinators for military units. Additionally he manages the 911 call centers in the Kuwait Area of Operation. Mr. Schlotthauer retired from Active U.S. Army service as a Senior Military Police Leader in 2010 and has since supported U.S. Military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and now Kuwait in roles that support security and emergency management operations.

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911 Call History: A potential driver of exercise planning

Posted by Gary Schlotthauer on February 13, 2018

Although there may be similarities, every location has its own set of threats and hazards to prepare for, respond to and mitigate. A successful Emergency Management program to include exercise development is dependent on the ability to understand the threats and hazards that could impact a community. Without this understanding, emergency response will only be generally prepared to provide a meaningful response.

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Topics: emergency operations plan, preparedness programs, emergency management program, emergency response, 911 call center

Communications Exercises: It should be a standalone activity

Posted by Gary Schlotthauer on February 7, 2018

“No matter how good a communication system is, it can, and will, fail at some point.” – David Goldschmitt , MD. 

In 2001 -2002, while assigned to the 557th Military Police Company in the Republic of South Korea like other Military Police organizations and other units we conducted exercises to test our Standard Operating Procedures and reinforce collective and individual skills. For Military Police units, this included Law Enforcement Operations outside the concrete that makes up a city. 

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Topics: communications interoperability, Communications equipment, Law enforcement operations, Incident Command System, Standard Operating Procedures

Mass Notification: How to Communicate with your Employees

Posted by Gary Schlotthauer on January 30, 2018

The day started just like any other day and everything was great, until it happened. A disaster has affected your business operations. It could be a natural disaster, manmade or technological; your most important assets, your employees, have been and could be affected. How will you inform your employees of the hazardous situation and provide them instructions and updates to ensure their safety or will you rely on governmental agencies to provide that information?

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Topics: business continuity, hazardous situations, mobile network sms notification system, emergency actions plan, crisis management, warden system

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