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Marathon County Sheriff's Office Case Study

Posted by Base Camp Connect on September 9, 2016


Marathon County Sheriff’s Office is located in Wisconsin state, United States of America. The Sheriff’s Office covers over 4000km2, making Marathon the biggest county area across the state. With a population of 135 000 people, Marathon County Sheriffs have to deal with a variety of large scale events and crisis situations.

  • 12 Law Enforcement Agencies
  • 33 Fire and EMS Agencies


Frank Hanousek, Lieutenant of the Communications Division at Marathon County Sheriff’s Office, had the task to find a communication solution to integrate into their Mobile Communication Trailer. They needed a communication system that can be removed for long-term use in a fixed facility.




The first deployment that the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office made with the BCC was for a missing, cognitively disabled, elderly male who had walk away from his home. Through the unit, they had a connectivity to their Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and were able to dedicate dispatchers to the scene to coordinate directly with the Incident Commander. During the missing person incident, they worked with local volunteer Fire Departments.

« Personnel on scene were unable to connect to the cellular system with their cell phones, but the Base Camp Connect connected and maintained connection throughout the search ».

This incident proves that it is imperative to have a backup system in the case that cellular networks become unavailable for any reason (broken tower, overloaded networks, no signal, etc.).



 Marathon County provided on-scene dispatchers at a large political event for a presidential candidate. In such large scale event, the Sheriff’s Office has to work with several local and state law enforcement agencies to provide security. At the event, the dispatchers were able to coordinate directly with the law enforcement officers ensuring security.

« Once the set-up and configuration was complete, the use of the Base Camp Connect couldn’t be simpler, plug in the power and turn the unit on ».

As mentioned earlier, the biggest problem Marathon County encountered in the past was the overloading of their Communications Center in large scale incident.

«By deploying the BCC and our Mobile Auxiliary Dispatch trailer, we can allow the Communications Center to continue operations without having the additional work associated with the specific incident».


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