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Top 3 articles for every firefighter

Posted by Base Camp Connect on August 18, 2016

As you know, firefighters encounter plenty of challenges (equipment, technology, communication, funding, etc.). For this reason, we have made a Top 3 Articles addressing questions and solutions often raised by firefighters.

#3 Selecting, outfitting and integrating mobile command post

Mobile command vehicles and trailers are nothing new. Like most things in emergency management, these resources have firm military roots. 


#2 Radio communications are great! Until they fail ...

Radio Push-to-talk.  A responder’s favorite button. But what happens when you push that button and no one can hear you – or you can’t hear them?  


#1 ''Mayday, mayday, maday'' ...

Communications on the fire ground are difficult at best when things are going right, now when you add a Mayday incident into the mix things can go terribly...


Hopefully, these articles will help you overcome your daily challenges.

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Written by Base Camp Connect

Base Camp Connect provides rapidly deployable communications to public safety agencies to help them bridge communication gaps in the field. BCC empowers Military and First Responders by proposing communications go-kit that are simple to use, portable, configurable, and that doesn't require training to operate them.

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