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Earthquake Disaster: Preparing for the Really Big One

Posted by Robert C. Chandler, Ph.D. on November 14, 2016
The risks of “the Big One,” (a catastrophic major earthquake disaster in the southern California area), as 
well as newly recognized increased earthquake risks in other regions of North America have been considered by many. However, there is yet another potentially catastrophic earthquake zone that is less well known and deserves serious consideration as well, namely the Cascadia Fault earthquake threat in the U.S. northwest region. It is what Vicky Gan, writing in City Lab, noted that the New Yorker feature
article on the risk called “ the Really Big One.”
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Lessons learned from Cascadia Rising

Posted by Timothy Riecker, CEDP on October 28, 2016

A pre-decisional final draft of the Cascadia Rising After Action Report (AAR) has been released by the State of Washington.  This AAR reflects lessons learned from this massive exercise conducted in early June of this year based upon an earthquake and tsunami scenario and involving approximately 23,000 participants from the US Pacific Northwest as well as Canadian regional partners.  Just within the state of Washington, this was an incredibly complex exercise that was actually itself comprised of four large exercise components, broadly testing emergency operations coordination and the integration of National Guard and other military forces in a defense support to civil authorities capacity.

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