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How Many Ways Does Communications Fail?

Posted by Tom Cox on September 18, 2017

Give me the exact number of distinct types of communications failure. Some people will tell you “One” (“it’s always people”) while others will say “there are millions of ways communications can fail.” No. Both are incorrect. There is an exact number. Most people will respond “hundreds” but what is the exact number?

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Firefighter LODD and the Communications Issues Involved

Posted by Paul Calderwood on June 13, 2017

This article is a real life and death story about radio communications at a house fire in Connecticut in 2014 that resulted in death of a career firefighter from running out of breathing air. Attached to this article are 2 links that you should look at. One is the NIOSH Report that details the events of this tragic day and the other is news station coverage of the event and the radio traffic involved. The NIOSH reports are written on all firefighter fatal incident and I have had my officers use them as a part of their daily drills to read and discuss the events, issues, equipment failures and recommendations to prevent a similar event from happening again. NEWS FLASH: history does repeat itself. When you read these reports and you see the same reasons over and over again it makes you wonder WHY?

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