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What must be planned for events such as train derailments and aircraft crashes ?

Posted by Paul Calderwood on May 30, 2017

The intent of this two-part article is to get you to take a look around your response area and to see if you have any special places where your present radio system may have issues. You also have to look toward the future when you are doing plan review of new buildings to see if there are any communication challenges that would result from the construction of the structure. Locations like hospitals and high-rise buildings with their steel skeletons can cause radio operators headaches by not being able to make the simplest radio transmissions. In one of my previous articles, I wrote about the need to have builder install a DAS or auxiliary radio system in the building to improve the radio signal within the building. 

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Topics: radio interoperability, crude oil train derailment, hazmat incident, large fire, large-scale incident, coast gard, emergency communications

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