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Emergency Management: The Whole Solution

Posted by Damien M. Coakeley on February 6, 2017

Emergency Management, as a concept, employs a holistic approach to the entities and occurrences that can affect a large number of people, places and things. As a holistic approach, it is incumbent upon practitioners to, not only, understand that all aspects of Emergency Management theory are equally as important as each other, but to employ that approach as well.

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Topics: Emergency Preparedness, Mitigation, Resiliency

Communication preparedness: What need to be planned

Posted by Timothy Riecker, CEDP on June 6, 2016

Like most aspects of public safety and emergency management, we are usually better off taking the time to be prepared.  This is certainly the case with communications.  Quite often we see ‘communications’ identified as an area for improvement in after action reports (AARs) after incidents, events, and exercises.  With diligent preparedness, communications can be listed as a strength. 

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Topics: Emergency Preparedness

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