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Hackers and Homeland Security

Posted by Dakota Duncan on January 9, 2018

When Anonymous took international attention related to hacktivism, government and fortune 500 companies took notice. A new generation of cyber warriors was able to hold national governments and multi-billion dollar companies at bay and exploit their vulnerabilities in the name of modern day Robin Hoods. Now there is a lot of opinions and speculation regarding the idea of Anonymous and similar groups claiming to be activist, whether or not they are in fact domestic terrorist or simply looking out for the average citizen. From the U.S. Presidential elections to exposing corrupt corporate moguls, Anonymous has made a name for themselves. Working closely with counter-terrorism and intelligence experts, I have gained valuable insight into such groups from the National Security perspective and from the perspective of the groups themselves. Seeing this modern battleground from both sides, I am partial to believe that the motives behind each battlefront are actually fairly similar and if combined to a common objective, could benefit both sides.

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Topics: counter-terrorism, hacktivism, disaster mangement professionals, cyber attack, hackers, homeland security, cyber protection

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