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Interoperability’s Fiercest Foe – Silos and the Standard Operating Procedures that build them

Posted by Damien M. Coakeley on August 15, 2016

Recent worldwide disasters and tragedies, from Fort McMurray, Alberta, to Paris and Nice, France and Brussels, Belgium are galvanizing the imperative of emergency responders to be able to work together.  The sheer magnitude of these events and the crises they have produced, including billions of dollars of damage and uncountable deaths and injuries, simply overwhelm our capacities.  We NEED one another.

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Topics: communication, silos, interoperability

Operational Interoperability - How do we achieve it ?

Posted by Damien M. Coakeley on July 12, 2016

When one researches or even thinks of the term “interoperability” in today’s technological age, the default is to that of communications. However, as I indicated in my last blog, those communications are rendered practically moot, if we don’t know how or want to communicate with one another.

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Operational Interoperability - An Emergency Management Must

Posted by Damien M. Coakeley on June 28, 2016

With the ever-increasing complexity, frequency and breadth of emergencies, crises and disasters, the notion of interoperability between responding agencies and emergency managers is becoming exponentially more important than ever before.

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Topics: interoperability

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