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Bridging the interoperability gap (PART 1)

Posted by Base Camp Connect on May 30, 2019

Originally published by Adam Stone in C4iSR magasine and underwritten by REDCOM

Advances in technology are helping to break down the barriers to telecommunications interoperability that have long stymied military planners. These advances greatly improve military communications capabilities, providing unprecedented situational awareness, better security and broader options for virtually every communications scenario.

While today’s military boasts a range of telecommunications technologies, compatibility issues can arise. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), time-division multiplexing (TDM), satellite communications, cellular, tactical radios, SCIP cryptographic devices, Wi-Fi and WiMAX: All are useful, but they don’t always play well together. This can have harmful tactical consequences. In a battlefield scenario, for example, it is unacceptable for the front line to lose contact with the command center.

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why multi-agency communications are so complicated

Posted by Paul Calderwood on August 8, 2016

One of the biggest challenges faced by an incident commander during a large scale event is going to be communications. The large scale incidents will bring together many of your mutual aid partners along with other local, county, state and federal agencies. It is neither necessary nor practical to be able to have all these agencies on a common communications frequency but the ability for everyone to share information is very important.  The incident commander may not want all these agencies setting up camp at the incident and may be better coordinated with them operating out of the local EOC. At the EOC much of the communications between agencies can be done face to face or during small group meetings to share information and coordinate planning for the future of the operations.

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