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When is the Best Time to Upgrade your Public Safety Communication Technologies?

Posted by Paul Calderwood on November 28, 2016

We all realize that the radios in our emergency communications center, in our vehicles or on our hips are not the same ones from 30 years ago. Because of a number of reasons, we look at the equipment we use and at some point we realize it's time to replace our radios with new ones. How do we decide when it's time to upgrade our public safety communication technologies? Do we look at it like a fire truck and say after 15 years it needs to be replaced or do we say when the next great idea is released that we need to get it so we always have the best of the best. Many departments are faced with the fiscal limits of not always being able to get the best of the best when it's brand new and may have to wait a few years to be able to afford it but by that time a new and better system is now available with great new features.

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